Hillcrest Capital Partners offers an innovative approach, with an ASC model that not only provides efficient, quality care and services to patients, but creates incentives to attract and retain top surgical specialists. Our focus is to provide optimal solutions to achieve operational excellence and profitability.

• Operational Analysis and Assessment
• Exceptional Quality Care Standards
• Ongoing Surgeon Recruitment
• Consistent Operational Policies
• Efficient Staffing Procedures
• Superior Contract Negotiation and Management
• Efficient Supply Chain Management
• Improved Regulatory Compliance
• Continuous Revenue Cycle Management (Coding Review, Billing, Collections)
• Effective Financial Management
• Performance Benchmarking (Clinical, Operational, Financial)
• Access to an Experienced Legal Team
• Contract Re-Structure and Re-Syndication with Legal Team
• Cost-effective Solutions (Staffing and Medical Utilization)
• Facility Re-Design with Architect and Construction
• Implementation of Ancillary Services for Additional Revenue Streams
(Urgent Care, Diagnostics Lab, Physical Therapy)